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Most legal things you need to know right here.

Rules & Cancellation Policy


The following rules apply to all Swim Safari Events


1.1 Participants must be at least 18 years old on the date of the Event

1.2 Participants must comply with all biosecurity measures where applicable

1.3 Tickets are non-refundable. Once purchased, your entry cannot be exchanged, refunded or deferred for any reason, including injury, medical issues or factors outside of your control

1.4 Participants must attend Registration and the Safety Brief before an Event

1.5 Re-sale of entries is prohibited


2.1 All Swim Safari routes are fully tested. The specific route taken on the day will be determined by the weather, time and tide so may deviate slightly from that advertised.

2.2 Participants must follow the team leader at all times

2.3 We may be required to amend the route subject to weather conditions. Any changes will be explained in detail during the Safety Brief


3.1 Participants are obliged to disclose any pre-existing medical conditions or injuries

3.2 Participants are responsible for ensuring they have sufficient fitness and experience to take part, and will sign a Participant Agreement to this effect


4.1 All participants must present the following Mandatory items at Registration, This is not provided by the organiser:

 – Clean and dry clothes suitable for changinging into after the event

–  Lace Up trainers suitable for walking and getting wet in. (slip on shoes, beach shoes and flip flops are not suitable)

– On events occurring in lakes, clean and dry trainers for biosecurity checks (a trainer check is not required at coastal events)

4.2 Participants must carry the Mandatory equipment throughout the Event :

 – Flotation Device – A Dry Bag is required to ensure participants are visible in the water & to keep clothes dry.

4.3 Prohibited equipment: the following items are prohibited:

 – Any item that cannot fit comfortably into a Dry Bag.


5.1 Any participant unable to attend the Registration and the Safety Brief will not be able to participate in the event and no refund will be given.

5.2 Participants must complete the event within the time limit (coastal venues)

5.3 Cut off times will be strictly enforced by The Team Leader (coastal events) 


6.1 Participants must know the rules and follow them

6.2 Participants must offer assistance in case of emergency

6.3 Littering of any kind will result in immediate removal. We have been given the privilege of passing through an amazing landscape. Littering will threaten our use of it in years to come

6.4 Participants take part entirely at their own risk, including but not limited to road crossings, bay crossings, lake crossings, river crossings, estuary crossings and all other hazards of the ocean, lakes and trail

6.5 Participants must sign the Participant Agreement at Registration. Participants who have not signed the Agreement will not be allowed to take part


7.1 The event group must stay together at all times and must be directed by The Team Leader at all times

7.2 Swim Safari/Team Leader may prevent a participant from starting or continuing in an Event if they are judged to be unfit and unable to safely complete the Event 


8.1 Failure to follow the rules will lead to removal from the event or being unable to start the event


9.1 Participants give Swim Safari the right to use pictures and film material taken during the event, to be used free of rights in marketing, press material, internet, television and film


10.1 By entering the event and obtaining a pass each participant accepts the rules in full

10.2 All images and rights from the event are reserved


The following Cancellation Policy applies to all Swim Safari Events

Swim Safari are committed to keeping everyone as physically safe as possible. 

Swim Safari is unable to offer refunds if any Event is cancelled or abaondoned due to inclement weather, or circumstances out of our control. Your safety is our number one concern and due to other scheduling commitments, we cannot guarantee a make-up day, but may be able to do so on a case-by-case basis.

Fees are paid upon registration. This payment secures your place and is non-refundable for any reason

Swim Safari welcomes anyone who is motivated to connect with nature, healthy & socially responsible. We will deny admission to anyone we believe to be unable to meet the safety demands of our Events and any participant that exhibits behaviour that is unsafe or disrupts the nature of the event. There will be no refund given in this event.

If you choose to cancel or leave an event for any reason there will be no refund.

Our cancellation policies are based on our investment in staff, route planning, equipment purchases and ongoing safety protocols. We cannot recover our expenses if you cancel.

The good news: 99% of the time, the event is the perfect fit for everyone.